• The following guidelines apply to admission

Parents must complete an admission application

An initial interview is required in order for the following to occur:

  • The director to meet with the parent/guardian and child
  • Parent/guardian and child to view the learning academies
  • Schedule appointment for interactive playgroup
  • Interactive playgroup
  • Admission orientation



The following is due at orientation for full time care child care services:

1.    A non-refundable registration fee of $60.00

2.    A deposit (weekly tuition fee)

3.    A completely filled-in health report including a physical examination dated and signed by a physician, public health nurse, or certified practitioner.


The physical report must indicate that the child is in good physical and mental condition, free of any communicable or infectious disease, and shall include the date of all necessary inoculations, tuberculin skin tests, immunizations and lead screening.

All physical examinations must be taken within six months of admittance. Any special health care or diet as required and confirmed in writing by the attending physician, name, address and phone number of the physician, and parents signed authorization for treatment of the child in case of an emergency in the absence of


All parents are required to have an updated medical examination report (physical) official birth certificates, and dental examination upon enrollment into our program. Please note that your child's placement into our program may be terminated if you fail to provide updated physical or dental examination reports in a timely manner after being requested by our staff.

Name, address and phone number of person to be notified in case of an emergency in the absence of the parents, shall be kept with the health report. This report shall be viewed regularly and given to the parent annually to be updated by the attending physician.


Priority is given to low-income families, parents who are working or attending school, children with disabilities, TANF recipients and teen parents who are currently in school.


The City of Chicago’s Department of Health requires that each child have at least one dose of each of the required immunizations and be placed on a shot schedule prior to them being enrolled. If your child is not up to date on his or her shots, we ask that you obtain the proper written documentation from the Primary Care Physician. During your child’s period of enrollment, a staff member will be working with you to ascertain that your child becomes current with all of the required shots.  



In an effort to ensure the health of our children and families we provide the following services: ▪ health, wellness and safety education & workshops ▪ vision and hearing screenings ▪ resources and handouts for families ▪  year-end health status summaries ▪ prior notification of upcoming health requirements for children (physicals, dental, etc.) ▪ medical and dental referrals


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